YU-RIS text replacer v6

now it should find more lines.

Lines that start with ! are now comments.



i didn´t wanted to modify the detection code for text lines. so i redid it. only ~1/3 lines and not so hacky.


YU-RIS text replacer v4

Now includes text where the size changed. The limitation is that everytime the size changes it will be a new line in the files. I didn´t tested it with color changes but im sure that the engine can do this to. So if a game has rainbow text every letter will be in a different line to edit.

For text that changes the size the wordwrap is forced off. Because i have no way of telling where the line ends. But you can still place spacebars where there are needed.



YU-RIS text replacer v2

You can now translate the choices in games. They are in ” so you know when there is a question and the choices for it.

It took me some time to test this. But im still not sure if it will work. For the word wrap bug i could not reproduce it.




For updating this tool: Just running the tool will work fine but you will have the choices at the end of the files. To have them at the right place you have to start clean. But you can easily copy over your changed lines if you didn´t encounter any choices. After the first choice the numbers will change. Don´t forget to backup your work before doing it.